Change of scenes

Blue Print (Wylie East High School) 9/21 10:07A Hannah Hansen, Staff Reporter
From grading tests to auditioning for roles. From assigning homework to learning lines. From behind the scenes to on the big screen. This teacher has seen it all. Spanish II teacher Lisa Crosthwait recently starred in a short film called Sedalia ,...

Job Seekers - Know Yourself!

Wylie BubbleLife iReporter 9/17 11:00P Martha Jane Brounoff
Is your job search success being stifled because you lack self-insight?  Is your perception of your strengths - and weaknesses not really accurate?   Dr. Burt Lohoff-Gaida, Founder and CEO of...

A cheerful tee-shirt designer

Blue Print (Wylie East High School) 9/15 11:30A GiGi Hayes, yearbook staff
She loves cheese pizza, she’s a varsity cheerleader and loves pastel colors. Long story short, she’s junior Ashtyn Arp. What made you want to start making spirit wear and masks? I wanted to start making them just for fun since everyone liked tye...

Time for celebrations

Blue Print (Wylie East High School) 9/14 11:43A Casi Thedford, adviser
Due to COVID-19 hitting the nation last spring, the yearbook staff didn t get to celebrate accolades received from the previous year s yearbook. So, instead they celebrated this past week. Volume XII...

New measures implemented as school resumes

Blue Print (Wylie East High School) 9/14 10:00A Hannah Hansen, Staff Reporter
Footsteps // Students walk in the 800 hallway between fifth and sixth period Sept. 11. Signs on the floor and walls designate the direction students need to walk in as part of the new measurements to...

Brianna Kim chose to learn on-campus

Blue Print (Wylie East High School) 9/14 7:46A Jada Edmonds, journalism student
A virus that has killed thousands of people as well as physically and emotionally harmed others combined with the start of a new school year, COVID-19 coronavirus has drastically changed students’ everyday school routine. Students of Wylie ISD...

Learning styles

Blue Print (Wylie East High School) 9/14 7:41A
Wylie ISD is one of few districts in North Texas that gave their students the option of learning from home, remotely or attending class live in-person. Two students share their experiences with the learning style they chose for the first nine...

Medical City McKinney Donates Supplies to Mission Regan

Wylie BubbleLife iReporter 9/13 11:00P Sally Huggins
Medical City McKinney is donating wheelchairs, walkers and other medical supplies to Mission Regan , a local nonprofit that collects surplus medical supplies and shares them with those in need both...

Achieve Job Search Success Despite Covid-19 Environment

Wylie BubbleLife iReporter 9/10 11:00P Martha Jane Brounoff
Are you completely aware that there is literally no aspect of our lives that has been untouched by Covid-19, including and especially job searches?    Angela Gwinn, Licensed Professional Counselor,...

Learning remotely is best choice for this senior

Blue Print (Wylie East High School) 9/10 5:18A Brianna Kim and Delan Miraz, jou
For the majority of students, early morning routines continue to look as they always have: waking up in the early morning to the sound of a beeping alarm, getting dressed with drowsy eyes and shoveling soggy cereal into their mouths before...

This runner has a green thumb

Blue Print (Wylie East High School) 9/8 7:00A Avery Heist, Staff Reporter
She likes plants and crystals. She wears lots of jewelry. She s in varsity cross country and she plays the saxophone in band. She s kind to most everyone she meets… long story short she’s Sarah Avila. What has kept you busy over the pandemic?...
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