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Broaden your literary horizons - take the Read More Challenge

Are you an avid reader but feel like you may be a rut, returning to the same kind of books on the shelf or in your device? Wylie's Smith Library has an interesting reading challenge program guaranteed to introduce you to some unique titles and widen your literary margins.

It's called the Read More Challenge, and here's how it works.

Visit for a list of 20 categories and suggested titles in each. Choose one adult or young adult book from each of the 20, read it, and enter it in the log you've downloaded from the same web page.

Don't be fooled into thinking the categories are dull or ordinary! Check out these examples: Scotland, Women of Steel, Secrets or Secrecy, Tech-Thriller, and Unreliable Narrator. Not only will you enjoy reading many interesting books, but you'll receive a commemorative T-shirt in early 2021. The last day to turn in your completed log is Dec. 31, 2020.

Download the list and log today! Happy reading!