Members of the community are invited to attend an art project discussion and input session Thursday, March 22, at 6 p.m., regarding a new public art installation at the Wylie Animal Shelter. Members of the Public Art Selection Committee, Public Arts Advisory Board, and staff, as well as the public, will meet with three semifinal artists, who were chosen out of 38 artist submissions for the project. The community is encouraged to attend and give input as to what they would like to see created.

The meeting will be held in the Council Chambers Conference Room in City Hall, 300 Country Club Rd., Bldg. 100.

The theme for the project is "The Rescue Power of Adoption." Artists were provided a list of project considerations, including location, durability, creativity, accessibility to the average viewer, child friendliness, lighting, and maintenance, among others.

Semifinalists are Don Kennell, whose work is about the relationship between humans and animals and incorporates a variety of metals; Robert Barnum, a public artist with pieces successfully installed in eight states who works exclusively in aluminum and steel; and James Burnes, who creates "modern yet timeless" renderings of animals made of a combination of steel and wood.

Since 2006, Wylie has dedicated 1 percent of its Capital Improvement Project funds to public art. In addition to money raised at public art events, CIP funds are used to create artwork that enhances citizens' experiences at municipal facilities, including parks and open spaces. The city currently has 10 commissioned pieces of art, with the 11th under construction along the walking trail on the municipal complex campus.

For more information, contact Carole Ehrlich at or 972-516-6023.